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The Water Torch Collective (WTC) distributorship structure is set up to accept those people who are interested in some aspect of Brown's Gas. This creates a group of people with a broad range of skills and interests, who invest time, expertise and money (in their own business) to promote Brown's Gas technology and to profit from their collective effort.

Reasons to Join Water Torch Collective, Ltd.:
• WTC distributors share special information. This information is not made public domain until WTC distributors get an opportunity to profit from it. The potential profits for WTC is currently estimated over a billion dollars.
• The WTC increases it's worldwide influence by the number of distributors and their collective experience. This gives individual distributors extraordinary power.
• WTC distributors get first consideration to be machine owners, machine manufacturers, machine distributors and technology investors.
• WTC distributors individually get opportunities to make money that are made possible by being in a dedicated group. Such as being a manufacturer; distributor or a WaterTorch™ maintenance expert.
In addition to individual opportunities above, initial WTC distributors share equally from bonus plans.
To find out how to become a WTC distributor, print, complete, sign and fax a nondisclosure document. Submitting the nondisclosure will begin the process of getting information about the 'Brown's Gas Opportunity Package' to you. The initial contact will be made by email. Be sure to print your email address clearly.

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