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#2 in the Water as Fuel Series
ISBN 1-895882-36-2

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Brown's Gas, Book 1

A basic guide to Brown's Gas including a brief history and Brown's Gas theory.

We explain some of the unique properties of Brown's Gas such as it's cold implosive flame. And show you how to build a small experimental Brown's Gas electrolyzer at home, with low cost parts. Then, with only water and electricity, you can make Brown's Gas! You should read this book before you read Brown's Gas, Book 2.

Brown's Gas, Book 2

In this book we give comprehensive details on how to build a large or small, high quality, experimental electrolyzer that will exceed the performance of ANY known commercial electrolyzer. This book tells you how-to build an electrolyzer that will put out 1,000 Liters per hour for less than $1,000. Previously, this volume of Brown's Gas was only available by buying a $10,000 electrolyzer.

This Brown's Gas torch can weld virtually any material including: glass, quartz, ceramic, brick, copper, aluminum and cast iron. It fuses dissimilar compounds i.e. brick to iron and brass to glass. We can vaporize carbide, diamonds, and tungsten!

Brown's Gas water torches cut steel much cheaper, faster and cleaner than an oxygen-acetylene (oxy/acet) torch. Eagle-Research 2400 Liter per hour Brown's Gas electrolyzer costs only $0.65 per hour to operate! Just add WATER! By comparison, oxy/acet torches (in our shop) cost over $50.00 per hour to operate at 2400 Liters/hr.

Book #2 in the Water as Fuel series
Works on ALL Vehicles • Converts WATER to a Fuel
• Gets up to 50% More Mileage
HyZor Technology is a direct result of combining decades of Eagle-Research's combustion enhancement (gas saver) experience, research into all previous onboard electrolyzer technology and our own world class Brown's Gas innovation.
HyZor Technology shows how to build, install and operate the world's most efficient onboard electrolyzer technology.
• Works on any vehicle (carbureted or fuel injected)
• Converts WATER to a fuel (hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor)
• Enhances combustion efficiency of Gasoline, Diesel and Propane
• Effectively reduces pollution (Can pass California Standards)
• Makes more MPG or Km/L (20% to 50%)
• Improves vehicle performance (greater acceleration and torque)
• Gives longer engine life (actually cleans the engine as it is driven)

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