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Point by point, Brown's Gas out-performs traditional torch gases on every key issue that industry is faced with.

Brown's Gas costs only Pennies per hour to Operate
Bottle rental, exchanges, storage and cartage fees of traditional torch fuels are eliminated. The only 'fuel' costs of BG are water & electricity. Through a specialized process of electrolysis, the electrical energy is 'stored' in the Brown's Gas.
Brown's Gas increases Productivity
The differences between Brown's Gas and 'conventional' torch gases are both dramatic and remarkable. When Brown's Gas is ignited, the flame releases an extraordinary energy potential.
BG cuts iron about 30% faster than any other industrial gas because the oxidation effect is enhanced.
Pre-cleaning is usually eliminated. (BG cuts dirty metal easily with minimal popping and spitting.)
The BG flame produces cuts so precise that little or no finishing is needed. Torch tips are virtually maintenance free and oxygen bottle exchanges are minimized. Since Brown's Gas is created on-demand, you won't run out of gas in the middle of a cut!
Brown's Gas Flame is Safer
The BG flame has minimal radiant heat. The cool torch tips, which are safe enough to touch, also prevent flash backs. The torch can be used more safely in tight areas where combustibles could ignite.
Brown's Gas is User-Friendly
Regardless of the torch gas currently being used, converting to Brown's Gas, is easy, efficient and immediately satisfying. Use all the same equipment (minus the bottles), light up and go! You don't even have to make mixture adjustments.
Brown's Gas is Ecological
BG exhaust is pure water. No harmful emissions like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radiation, or oxides of nitrogen are created. Brown's Gas is odorless and harmless when inhaled (unless ignited). In fact, hydrogen:oxygen mixtures have been tested as an underwater breathing mixture.
Brown's Gas is inherently safer than conventional torch gases because it is lighter than air and diffuses rapidly in air (becomes noncombustible). BG is the only torch gas that can easily meet (USA) government standards for both zero pollution and no storage of combustible gas in enclosed areas.

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