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site designer Tenaj Da Costa Wiseman

Site Designer

Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman is a vibrant, creative spirit whose contagious enthusiasm motivates and empowers. She sees herself as an idea person with a process-oriented, yet solution-driven bent and her path as a shepherd of human potential.

She has managed to combine an uncanny ability for awakening and celebrating the best in people, a passion for protecting the environment and her talent for design and layout, into a powerful mixture of proactive thinking, usable ideas and global well-being. Her background is diverse. Her mission is always the same: to promote feelings of integrity, significance,joy and interdependence.

Her design, layout and writing credits include a line of self-checking educational toys for pre-schoolers, an early education video series; 4 eco-friendly children's books; Do-it-Yourself Crisis Survival; a national Canadian periodical; numerous special events, seminars and workshops for libraries, summer camps, cable tv, regional conferences and shopping centres. This is her secondweb site.

Tenaj's current work involves designing and delivering interactive new-age workshops; researching castle architecture, intentional communities and prototyping a line of products that will be launched on her web site.


George Wiseman

George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research. His farm-grown, western cowboy philosophy combine well with his mad-scientist/ inventor persona to create a world-class visionary.

He is a classic WYSIWYG kind of man: practical, reliable and honourable. He feels a stong sense of responsibility for helping to return the natural environment to health, our commuities back into a cooperative effort and encouraging self-sufficiency at the individual level. He thinks of himself as extrordinarily blessed, because he has long since discovered his life's purpose: Discovering the all-around best energy solutions and sharing them with the world is the passion that drives him.

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