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Buy A Watertorch Opportunities

Portable Machines
• ER 10 - 1600 L/hr
These machines range from micro-production (to treat water) to midrange (for jewelry sized work) to full size individual torches capable of cutting 4 inches of steel.
These machines are simple, reliable and user-friendly; designed to efficiently produce enough gas for a huge variety of individual user applications and built to last for decades.
Who would want to buy these machines?
Anyone who spends more than $20 on torch gasses (and bottle related costs) per month will be interested in switching to Brown's Gas.
Anyone who either is (or is interested in) doing one of the growing list of applications. Examples include: Reducing fuel related costs for both internal (vehicle) and external (furnace) combustion or treating water to make it healthier to drink.
Anyone who wants to do things that can't be done with any other technology, like make transparent semiprecious stones called 'moonstone'.
Commercial Machines
• ER 1700 - 3900 L/hr
Designed with automatic systems like preheat apparatus, water fill, air purge and auto-shutoff. The machines can be configured for specific applications. This size of machine can run multiple torches and can be semi-portable or stationary.
Industrial Machines
• ER400O L/hr … plus
Designed for users that need huge quantities of gas, like quartz or ruby manufacture or industrial sized combustion enhancement. We can custom build nearly any size of machine. The limit is usually the amount of electrical power available at the location.
Get in touch with us to determine the size of WaterTorch you need
A glimpse of our Brown's Gas past.

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