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Eagle-Research has licensed their Brown's Gas technology to Water Torch Collective, Ltd.

ER WaterTorches™ can be custom manufactured to optimize specific requirements.


Since 1994, Eagle-Research has been immersed in Brown's Gas (BG) research, experimentation and development. They've written the books, (Brown's Gas,1 & 2) dispelled the myths and repeatedly raised the standards.

Today Eagle-Research is maintaining the world's most efficient Brown's Gas electrolyzer technology through ongoing research and by positioning itself as the world hub of reliable Brown's Gas information.

Eagle-Research is the world leader in the practical application of Brown's Gas technology. In an independent test ER Brown's Gas technology achieved almost 100% efficiency. ERXXXX WaterTorches™ are so efficient that they do not require a cooling system or fan.



Compared to traditional electrolyzers ER WaterTorches™ use about 1/3 the electrical power to make make the same volume of Brown's Gas.


• In operation, the ER WaterTorches™ are so quiet you can literally hear a pin drop.

• ER WaterTorches™ are smaller and lighter than traditional technology.

• ERXXXX designs are 3 times better than traditional designs because they make a purposeful departure from traditional electrolyzer technology.


A systematic approach to quality innovation is evident from simplicity of design right through to the safety features, efficiency, user-friendliness, low-maintenance and longevity. Each aspect of every model is engineered to exceed the performance of any counterpart.

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