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William Rhodes is the first inventor known to patent an electrolyzer that produced the simple 'single-ducted' gas we now call Brown's Gas. In the mid 1960's Mr. Rhodes formed a company (Henes Corp.) with partners who took control of the operation and cut him out. This was a bad mistake, because they did not yet have Mr. Rhodes most efficient design.
Henes Corp. eventually failed, went through several hands and was eventually acquired by Dennis McMurray. The company, now named Arizona Hydrogen, is doing well in Phoenix Arizona USA.
Ten years after William Rhodes patents, Yull Brown filed a patent on his design of BG electrolyzer and spent the rest of his life trying to make Brown's Gas a commercial success. He spent about 30 million dollars and nearly 30 years in this endeavor. Due to his lifelong effort, we posthumously honor him by continuing to call the gas 'Brown's Gas'.
Several companies were started, both in cooperation and in competition with Yull Brown. Although most of them have since failed, some are still struggling.
Eagle-Research started an independent research program on Brown's Gas in 1994. We threw aside traditional electrolyzer technology; drew upon our research in alternative energy and achieved a superior electrolyzer design.
Interestingly, Eagle-Research independently duplicated William Rhodes most efficient design, with enhancements. William Rhodes has reviewed and confirmed the technology.

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