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"Opportunities can drop in your lap . . . if you place your lap where opportunities drop."

- Anonymous -

Until Eagle-Research stepped up to the plate, Brown's Gas machines have been big, heavy, expensive and great hogs of electricity. They've also been unreliable and very expensive. Technical support has been extremely poor (or nonexistent), mostly because the machines require technicians that don't exist in today's industry. These lacks created huge market resistance to Brown's Gas as a viable alternative.
Eagle-Research has changed all that! With a leap in innovation, we've made machines that are simple, small, light and efficient. We support the machines we sell and they're manufactured in North America. We literally 'wrote the book' on Brown's Gas so we can help technicians train themselves.
Conventional industry is only just beginning to be introduced to the unique qualities of Brown's Gas and it's vast and fabulous uses. By comparison to traditional industrial gasses, Brown's Gas is safer, more efficient and dramatically cost effective.
Eagle-Research, Inc. has made this a proven and commercially practical technology. It will impact our lives as much as computers have. Missing this opportunity is missing the next technology boom!
Brown's Gas is an industry-transforming technology with an annual revenue potential of $300,000,000.00 . . . just in cutting applications . . . just in North America! There are dozens of diverse uses and income opportunities for this extraordinary gas. In neutralization of nuclear waste, for example, income power is in the billions!
Since 1994 Eagle-Research has been immersed in Brown's Gas research, experimentation and development. They've written the books, dispelled the myths and repeatedly raised the technology standards.
In March 2001 Eagle-Research licensed their Brown's Gas Technology to the Water Torch Collective, Ltd. (WTC). The driving aim of this group of enterprising distributors is the dynamic commercialization of Brown's Gas and their personal stake in the huge profit potential.
No Brown's Gas organization in the world has ever been able to offer an investment opportunity like this before. The first step in the marketing plan concentrates on only one of dozens of possible applications. To repeat --- this one application has over $300,000,000 per year income potential. This application has had 100% acceptance in our market research.
This is your OPPORTUNITY. Become a distributor!!!
This opportunity is for anyone interested in reliable, practical, industry-transforming Brown's Gas technology. There are opportunity for Investors, Manufacturers, Distributors and Application users.

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