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Brown's Gas (BG) flame is 'cool'!

The torch tip stays cool to the touch because the BG flame radiates very little heat. It has been measured at (134°C) 274°F.

Compared to other industrial gases, this inherently safe feature of the BG flame decreases the risk of setting nearby materials on fire.

• Brown's Gas (BG) is an industry-transforming technology with an annual revenue potential of $300,000,000.00 . . . just in cutting applications. There are dozens of diverse uses for this extraordinary gas.

• For the most part, conventional industry has yet to recognize the unique qualities of Brown's Gas and continues to be largely unaware of its vast and fabulous uses. With Eagle-Research BG technology and the formation of Water Torch Collective, Ltd. the time for this amazing, yet totally underutilized, technology has finally come!

• Brown's Gas is simply WATER ~ in a special and unique form. This 'high-energy' form of water has the capacity to positively affect every aspect of our lives. It can enhance our health; dramatically lower the cost of manufacturing products; improve the environment; even neutralize radioactive waste. Sounds too good to be true? We know. In fact, even once you experience this gentle, eco-friendly, yet powerful gas, you'll still be astounded.

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