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Empirical data, proving the astounding effects of Brown's Gas in the following applications, is just beginning to emerge.
  • Pure 'new' water
  • Hydrated water for health
  • Muscle Relaxation; pain relief
  • Help Plants germinate and grow
  • Creating New Industrial Materials
  • Transmutation
  • Inexpensive Toxic Waste Disposal
  • Vastly Increase Recoverable Ore
  • Underwater Breathing Gas
  • Super-efficient room heating
  • Surface treatment of Materials

The driving aim of Water Torch Collective, Ltd is the dynamic commercialization of Brown's Gas. To that end, WTC chooses to align the organization with conventional uses of Brown's Gas in order to maintain credibility.

Eagle-Research, Inc., (WaterTorch™ technology innovator) on the other hand, continues to be immersed in the ongoing research, experimentation and discovery of new Brown's Gas applications.
Visit www.eagle-research.com to learn more about developing possibilities.

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