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EXAMPLE #1: Reduce Costs - significantly
A company makes quartz ware with diatomic hydrogen and oxygen because this is the only gas mixture previously known to have the proper characteristics to work quartz.
The hydrogen and oxygen are transported to the factory and stored in liquid form (which requires cryogenic temperatures.) Not only is the hydrogen and oxygen expensive, in this form, it's dangerous to transport, and the storage costs are high too. The fuel costs were over $100,000 per month.
Switching to Brown's Gas allows the use of a 'friendly' flame that has 1.9 times higher energy potential, per litre. More work gets done, in less time, with less fuel.
The company can continue to use all their original equipment (except the cryogenic tanks). The BG is generated 'on demand' from ordinary distilled water. The monthly 'fuel' bill drops to below $20,000.
EXAMPLE #2: Simplify & Speed up Production
A fabrication company using $8000 worth of acetylene a day, to cut steel, converts to Brown's Gas with these advantages:
  • Fuel cost is only 20% for the same work done.
  • Productivity is increased because of faster cuts (up to 30%).
  • Less torch maintenance (tips stay cool and clean).
  • Operator illness is reduced because the 'exhaust' is fresh water.
  • There is no transportation, storage or rental costs of combustible gas bottles.
  • Brown's Gas is produced 'on demand' from water; so no bottle exchanges in the middle of a job.
  • The flame produces precision cuts that require less (or no) preparation before welding. Often machining costs can be eliminated.
  • The flame is forgiving - allowing a missed cut to be started again without having to cut into fresh metal.
EXAMPLE #3: Increase Safety
An 'exhaust system' franchise converts to Brown's Gas. (These shops use torches to cut off the old exhaust system before installing the new one.)
BG's clean, cool, laser-like flame cuts dirty metal easily, with minimal popping and spitting. Minimal flame flare-out allows safer torch operation under an automobile, where combustibles like oil, grease, undercoating, fuel lines, plastic, rubber and electrical wiring could ignite.

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