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Brown's Gas gets the same work done with more precision, greater speed, at less cost, with reduced operator fatigue, and is environmentally sound.

Brown's Gas Flame Characteristics

• 'laser-like': long, thin, implosive
• 'cool': radiates at 274°F / 129°C.
• inherently a correct mixture
• minimal flareout
• does not require atmospheric oxygen to burn
• does not deplete oxygen in area
• can burn in vacuum
• flame energy is controllable by volume of gas & distance from work (allows operator extreme precision and flexibility)
• no harmful radiation emissions
• clean: exhaust is pure water
• flame is easily shut off & restarted
ER WaterTorches Make Water into Fire into Water
• Brown's Gas reverts to pure water when burned.
• Unique and efficient medium for transmitting electrical energy into materials



BG Flame Does Not Boil Water
• water and air dissipate the electrical energy with minimal heating
• 3.8 times the energy potential of a diatomic flame of equal mass

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